Wanaka Dental

Wanaka Dental

Looking for a dentist in the Queenstown or Wanaka area? Wanaka Dental are a community focused Dental Clinic based in Wanaka, NZ. We take a whole of life approach to serving local families, catering for all age groups from false teeth, through to dental check-ups and specialist dental services for children. Our dental clinic is child friendly and we offer special rates for our kids club members. 

Wanaka Dental welcome new patients, including visitors to NZ and the Wanaka region. We are ACC approved dentists for treatment of accidental injury, including broken teeth and also provide a range of treatment options for toothaches and other dental related issues.

Our Dental Services

At Wanaka Dental we can help with everything from a broken tooth or toothache, through to teeth whitening and getting your smile looking its best

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A Sustainable Approach

Preventative care for your family and our environment.

NZ's First Sustainable Practice

We are working hard to become an industry leader for sustainability. 

Prevention Focused

Dental practices traditional make money on "fixing" teeth, we are taking a different approach. We think it is much better (not to mention more financially and environmentally sustainable) to invest in keeping your teeth healthy. 

Hygiene Programme

Our hygiene programme enables more frequent hygienist visits, to maintain your oral health and avoid fillings.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

We believe your health and our planet's are both important. When restoration is required we use products based on merit not cost.