Sustainable Dental Practice Wanaka NZ


Preventative Care for your family and our environment

Wanaka Dentist (Mt Roy)

Our Philosophy

A sustainable approach. 

We are creating New Zealand’s first Sustainable dental practice. Focusing on preventative care for the whole family whilst giving back to the community. 

At Wanaka Dental we want you to keep your teeth for life.

We believe the age old saying “Prevention is the best medicine”.

We realise all mouths are not created equal and neither should home care routines- don’t expect us to tell you to brush twice a day for healthy teeth and gums - there’s so much more to learn!

At our appointments we give you the tools and techniques to make positive changes to your home-care routine to keep you smiling for longer.

Life happens, and when a filling is required we always take the minimal intervention approach to dentistry- we will monitor when appropriate and suggest in office or take home remineralising products to give the tooth a change to repair itself before placing a filling.

When restoration is required we use products based on merit not cost.